Mission statement


The Style US America, Inc. brand and all of its employees are dedicated to providing products that enhance the performance of every individual from the professional athlete to the weekend warrior and from the business individual to the casual dresser. Style US America, Inc. is committed to developing and producing products with superior fit, comfort and performance through strenuous research of the most technical fabrics and garment construction.
Why is our athletic apparel superior to others?
Style US America, Inc. is managed by people with extensive backgrounds in athletics, coaching and the apparel experience. All of our garments are designed for durability and with the comfort and performance of today's athlete in mind. Your order is produced separately from any other order so that it can be customized exactly to your specifications.
We cut no corners for price considerations or any other reason, when designing our apparel patterns. We use full, professional cuts on all of our products regardless of how much fabric it takes. We will not skimp on a pattern just to make the price seem more attractive.
Along with the premium quality fabrics that we use, we also spare no expense on the other ingredients of your apparel... dye, thread, trim etc. Your order is folded and shipped in our own specially designed Style US America, Inc. packaging.
This commitment to excellence throughout the entire manufacturing process is why we hold all of our Style US America, Inc. athletic apparel to "A Higher Standard".

STYLE US AMERICA, Inc. apparel is "Made in the USA"
Style US America's company offices are based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  When you purchase a product on this website, we are proud to say that it is manufactured with the "Made in the USA" label.