FAQ-Custom design apparel

STYLE US AMERICA, INC. - Frequently Asked Questions – Custom Design

What do we mean by "custom-designed"?

Most manufacturers mass-produce athletic apparel in select styles, colors and fabrics. These "stock" garments are generally made outside of the USA and are constructed of lesser quality materials and have no available options. If this type of apparel meets your need that is fine, but if not then you may want to look into our "custom-designed" apparel from Style US America, Inc.

Our apparel is truly "custom-designed" in the sense that the products are exclusively made for you when you place your order.  Style US America, Inc allows you to select the colors that reflect your needs using our design templates.  For example, sports teams generally have a different look for home versus away uniforms.  We can do that!  You will not likely find anyone else wearing your garment unless they are on your sportswear team!

Another advantage of Style US America custom-designed apparel, is that it will not become obsolete. Most manufacturers will discontinue a particular style of apparel when its sales decrease. With Style US America custom-designed apparel, your design is always available to you. Once we have your pattern, we can always duplicate the exact garment that you ordered; even if it's years later.

Who can order and how is payment handled?

Ordering – We are excited to provide custom-design apparel for you whether you are ordering 25 or 250+ garments.  We do offer volume discounts and our customer service staff will be happy to discuss this with you.  The custom-design prices on our website generally reflect a minimum quantity of 50 garments. 

Payments – You will be required to submit 50% deposit with the placement of your order with the remaining balance due prior to shipping. All orders need to be paid in full before any merchandise ships. Your order will not be sent unless other special arrangements have been made with our customer service office.

We accept all major credit cards as well as personal checks/money orders however the order will not be processed until the personal check/money order has cleared. Payment by credit card is the preferred and most convenient method.

Can I get a sample of exactly what I want before I order?

It is very unlikely. Technically, we could produce and print one custom garment but the cost as well as the delivery time would likely be unreasonable to you. A better option would be to borrow swatches of the material and colors that you are interested in, samples of similar garments that we have in stock or to allow us to produce a color mock-up of exactly what you want for you. Our customer service staff will gladly explain your options to you.

How do I determine sizing?

Ultimately, since we cannot see you or your team members in person, selecting the proper sizing must be your responsibility. We can however, provide you with specific sizing information and even loan you samples if necessary. If you have the option, ordering several additional garments in different sizes is sometimes a good idea.

What if I need a particular color?

We use industry recognized standard athletic colors in all of our fabrics but if there is any question whatsoever we will gladly send you sample swatches for your approval. Please keep in mind that some athletic garments contain various combinations of fabric, trim, braid, ink, thread etc. and we need to be aware of potential shade variations when designing your apparel. Our customer service staff will gladly help you with this process.  We currently offer five standard colors on our website: black, white, royal blue, navy blue and red. 

What if there is a problem after I receive my order?

Your order will be inspected and counted several times before it leaves our factory so discrepancies in quantity and/or sizing are almost impossible. If there is some other problem with your order, that is a result of a mistake on our part, then we will replace or repair the apparel to your satisfaction. The bottom line is that we want you to be happy with your purchase and will do whatever is reasonably necessary to ensure that.  Please keep in mind that when ordering "custom designed" garments, we go to great lengths to guarantee that when you place your order it meets your specifications.  Custom-designed garments are not refundable.

What if I need additional garments later?

For all custom-designed apparel, we can always provide more for you. Ordering in small quantities however can be extremely expensive so it is advisable if your budget permits it, to order a few extra garments with your initial order. Please be aware that the price for future custom-design garments may differ from your original price quote.

What if I need my order by a specific date?

It generally takes 4-6 weeks to produce and ship custom-design orders, but rush orders are available depending on our workload. As much as we want your business, we will not take your order under false pretenses. If we promise to ship an order by a specific date we will do it. If we cannot meet your delivery requirements we will be honest and tell you up front.